Rescue Press & Friends at AWP:


1. On Wednesday evening Rescue Press will pair up with Parlor Press and Shearsman Books at Columbia College for a reading featuring:

Rosa Alcalá, Jennifer Atkinson, Molly Bendall, Blueberry Morningsnow, Shira Dentz, Lisa Fishman, Carol Guess, Jill Magi, Becka Mara McKay, Caryl Pagel, Philip Sorensen, Andrea Rexilius and Jon Thompson.

2. Rescue Press, Canarium Books, Factory Hollow Press, and Transom Journal invite you to an offsite reading on Friday night, March 2nd, starting at 7:00pm. It’ll be a big old party with poetry, fiction, a film, a dream, and an open bar.

The address is: 656 West Randolph, #5E.

Dream: Kevin Gonzalez (Rescue)
Poetry: Darcie Dennigan (Canarium)
Poetry: Marc Rahe (Rescue)
Poetry: Ata Moharreri (Factory Hollow)
Poetry: Kaethe Schwehn (Transom)
Fiction: Madeline McDonnell (Rescue)
Poetry: MA Vizsolyi (Transom)
Poetry: Anthony Madrid (Canarium)
Poetry: Alex Phillips (Factory Hollow)
Short Film: Nick Twemlow (Canarium)

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