Hanukkah Holiday Sale!

Dear Friends,


As the year winds down, we’d like to thank you for the support and enthusiasm you’ve shown for Rescue Press’ books and authors over the last year and a half. We feel fortunate to share Rescue’s growing body of work with such a wonderful community of readers, and are looking forward to this Spring’s catalog, which will feature two new collections of poetry: our Black Box Poetry Prize Winner, Blueberry Morningsnow’s Whale In The Woods, and our Editor’s Choice, Philip Sorenson’s Of Embodies.

As a way of showing our appreciation, R+P is offering a special Hanukkah Holiday Sale: receive our first 8 Rescue Press books—in celebration of the holiday with 8 days—for only $80.

Click on this link to purchase ALL EIGHT of our currently published books for $80 between now and the final night of Hanukkah, December 28th! These books make great gifts, travel companions, and conversation starters! For example: “Hey, your eyes go well with this beautiful purple book called The Smaller Half—and your heart goes well with the poems inside.” Or, “Hi, Grandma—it’s nice to see you again In The Absence of Predators.”

We could go on, but the important thing here is that Rescue Press is grateful for your support and interest in small press publishers. Our Hanukkah Holiday Sale is one small way of saying thanks. And—if you order soon, you’ll receive an additional mystery gift with your package; evidence of how you keep our world infinitely spinning.

Safe travels and family dinners.

With love from the Midwest—

Caryl & Danny

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